I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given me improving my fitness and mobility, when I first started with you I was unfit, unable to touch my toes and very stressed, with the help of your holistic approach to training my regular weekly sessions with you I have completely transformed my body shape and improved my mobility immensely, I now move freely without pain and look forward to all my exercise sessions.  I sleep better and I’m a much nicer person to live with so my teenagers tell me!
I would thoroughly recommend training with you to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and wellbeing.

Clare B


I started sessions with Gee after my first child and was pretty out of shape!  Gee slowly built up my fitness and I regained my pre pregnancy figure.  I work far harder with Gee in 1 hour than 10 sessions on my own.  He pushes me a little further each week and takes me out of my comfort zone.  He also gives me the confidence to use machines and do exercise which I would never do without his teaching.  Most importantly he makes getting fit fun!  I 100% recommend him!

Saffron H


I have been training with Gee for nearly 5 years.  My husband bought me six sessions for a Christmas present and I have had weekly sessions every since. I started as an overweight unfit 43 year old woman and have ended up fit, a lot lighter and trimmer and have managed to run a half marathon in less that 1 hour 50!  I feel fantastic. I never though I would be fit, enjoy exercise and enjoy the gym the way I do now.

The way Gee works suits me. The work outs are always different and the emphasis is compound exercises and there is always huge variety.  Gee knows how hard to push me and gets me to do things I would never do in training by myself.

I cannot now imagine a life without exercise and I cannot imagine being unfit again. This is all thanks to Gee who has really changed my life.

Emma E

“personalised training made hard but fun! I look forward to my sessions with trepidation but the release mentally and physically is more than worth it”

David K


‘Gee has made the world of difference and has taken me from a starting point of several rare injuries, gym-phobic and unfit individual, to an addicted and fitter and stronger body. He is as essential as private health insurance and a lot more fun! There are not many people that can train holistically and competently, but I trust and recommend Gee wholeheartedly – thank you and well done’.

Angela C


Having not exercised for several years I was apprehensive returning to training, especially after having children. Within just a few sessions I felt my body shape change, pre pregnancy clothes fitted again but most importantly my energy and fitness levels have started to increase. In addition, Gee’s focus on three dimensional training has meant that my bad back is no longer hindering my return to fitness. Personal training with Gee means I am happier, fitter and ultimately more confident!

Lisa D