What are my Qualifications?

As a CHEK Exercise Coach I possess the skills and knowledge to design and implement personalised exercise programs that incorporate traditional exercises with mind-body exercises. A key component that defines a CHEK Exercise Coach is the series of assessments used to identify postural, core and autonomic nervous system dysfunctions and lead you towards designing a scientifically sound program and achieving exceptional results – even with the most complex of clients

CHEK Exercise Coaches stress excellent exercise technique and know that to produce the desired result, exercises must be performed correctly. We understand how energy-balancing exercises reduce total body stress and know when to use these types of exercises with different clients.

Using the C.H.E.K Institute’s unique system of assessing physiological load, developed by Paul Chek, you can determine the amount of physical and emotional stress placed upon the body. Using this system we are able to implement results-producing programs that enhance our client’s function and overall wellbeing.


I am also a Faster Global Functional Performance Specialist

Faster educated trainers are one of the industry’s leading edge trainers – we have learned how to predict every movement sequence, at every joint, in all planes of movement, with all muscle reactions, while gaining the ability to build assessments for all of these. We have been taught how to build programmes using every piece of equipment on the market, not only using our current system of programming, but the many more that are now popular on the market.

What are the benefits for you?

By having your body assessed in dysfunction joint-by-joint, muscle-by-muscle and motion-by-motion in three planes and across many different movement scenarios, we will be able to understand what is happening to the body at any one single moment in time, thus, allowing me to design a truly bespoke exercise program for you, whether your goal is to alleviate pain, weight loss, to increase sports performance or simply to carry on training injury free.

What are my other qualifications and what else do I do?

Premier Level 3 Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist

Keiser Indoor Cycling Qualified Instructor

Les Mills Body Combat Instructor

Les Mills Body Pump Instructor

Boxercise Instructor

KTA Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor

TRX International Instructor

ViPR Instructor

…when I am not in the gym or teaching classes, I am a keen runner, having completed various 10k races and half marathons, my first marathon which I am currently training for will be The 2013 Yorkshire Marathon.