What is my fitness philosophy?

Today’s hectic lifestyle and the nature of our jobs, mean that we are nowhere near as active as what we were 50 years ago. I believe that it is this inactivity, combined with poor food choice and a lack of information on how to train the body correctly, which have seen our bodies regress rather than progress and developing postural or biomechanical dysfunctions.

We move and live in a 3D world and we should train our muscles and bodies to do the same, otherwise we either run the risk of developing over use injuries and muscular imbalances, which can lead to problems in your bodies kinetic chain/gait and later develop into pain, which is one of the ways that the body lets you know that something is out of synch.

Two words sum up my method/style of training – Educate and Accountability.

Yes, you will get periodised training schedules (I am not a napkin trainer!) and on-going support, however, I want you to understand what and why you are doing a certain exercise, or why certain food choices might be better than others and the reasoning behind it and most importantly, I need you to be able to do it all by yourself as well, I’m not going to be there all the time and I want you to start being accountable for all your actions and decisions.