I currently train out of Harrogate and Leeds and have over 10 year’s fitness management, personal training and sport’s therapy experience, working for one of Harrogate’s most prestigious health club and spa.

So how did I get into fitness?

I’m not one of these trainers who are naturally gifted, when it comes to sports, in fact I wasn’t particularly sporty at school or encouraged to play sports when I was young (in fact cross-country running in the middle of winter, dressed in shorts and tees, seriously wasn’t my idea of a fun, sporting activity).

In fact, I only started to be interested in fitness in my mid 20’s, after university life and a five year sedentary job, fuelled by an unhealthy diet and complete lack of exercise, encouraged me to join my local gym – you won’t see any ‘before’ pictures of me on this website, because I don’t live in the past, neither will I be posting any semi naked poses of me on here either, because the focus is on you, not me (why do personal trainers do that anyway).

Fast forward a year, full of sweaty gym workouts, a radical shake up of my eating habits and heaps of encouragement and praise from my friends and family and a new, slimmer, fitter, confident me had emerged – exercising and my new gym ‘family’ truly had become a major part of my life so much that I decided to make that life changing decision to quit my current job and signed up to study for my Level 3 Personal Training/Sports Therapy qualification.

What is my Fitness philosophy?

Today’s hectic lifestyle and the nature of our jobs, mean that we are nowhere near as active as what we were 50 years ago. I believe that it is this inactivity, combined with poor food choice and a lack of information on how to train the body correctly, which have seen our bodies regress rather than progress and developing postural or biomechanical dysfunctions. MORE

Am I right for you?

If you ever meet or talk to any of my clients, then they will tell you that I take a no non-sense approach to training and will tell you exactly how it is!!!

I believe that honesty and commitment is the only way that you will get results and at the end of the day I am not in this business to fail – it’s my reputation at the end of the day and you have MORE

What are my qualifications?

As a CHEK Exercise Coach I possess the skills and knowledge to design and implement personalised exercise programs that incorporate traditional exercises with mind-body exercises. A key component that defines a CHEK Exercise Coach is the series of assessments used to identify postural, core and autonomic nervous MORE