Equestrian Personal Training Client – Postural Correction

My name is Emily Robinson, a sixteen-year-old young event rider. I began serious training in order to prepare my self for the Pony European trials in March 2012, I was told I needed to improve my riding posture, as my shoulders were not straight and I found it increasingly hard to keep them back as well as not having the satisfactory strength in several areas of my body including my core.

My mum therefore talked to Gee during one of her training sessions, which she regularly takes in order to keep her fit.

Gee agreed to help me improve my posture and to work on my imbalances. After the consultation, which included an in depth analysis of my posture. He then set out a programme for me to undertake in the gym which focused on the areas I wished to improve on, this was especially helpful as I could refer back to my riding trainers on what they also thought would be beneficial.






I was quite nervous for my first gym session, but Gee quickly put me at ease and I felt that I was able to ask any questions, if I felt unsure about any aspect of the programme. I felt that I had achieved significant results in only a few weeks of following the exercises that Gee had put together for me.

It is now almost a year later and my training with Gee has been reflected in my riding, with endless compliments from my riding trainers and horse owners on my improvement.

I am now riding a horse, which I will soon trial in the under 18 European trials, meaning my strength to hold him during all phases of the 3 day events is crucial! I now feel I have the posture, strength and muscular endurance to take this on as I continue my training with Gee.

Emily Robinson

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