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June 2013


16 Weeks Pure Detox Programme


This is Charlotte, who has just completed her 16 weeks Detox and Personal Training programme with me. As you can see above, there are noticeable changes, not just to the usual fatty storage areas, but postural as well, due to the body being under less physiological and internal stress.

If you were just to look at the scale readings, then you’d probably think that losing 4 kilos in 16 weeks, isn’t a lot, until you start breaking the weight down into it’s separate components – that is why you shouldn’t be too focused on what your scales tell you, every time you step on them!

Starting Stats / Final Stats

Dress Size – 12 / 8-10

Weight – 68.5kgs / 64.5kgs

Body Fat – 22.3kgs (32.6%) / 11.9kgs (18.4%)

Lean Weight – 46.2kgs (Dry lean 13.6kgs) / 52.5kgs (Dry lean 14.5kgs)

Water – 32.6l (47.6%) / 38.1l (59.1%)


This is what Charlotte had to say about the programme…

“Losing weight has been a massive learning curve for me. I’ve had my highs and lows, but seeing Gee once a week, along with measurements, weekly food diary analysis and nutritional advice, has kept me on track!

I am much fitter, stronger and now understand the importance of the type of exercise you should do, as well as the nutrition my body needs – FAD DIETS DON’T WORK! I would definitely suggest everyone to invest in the time and to put in the hard work to achieving his or her goals – there is no quick fix to losing weight, it is a long-term change of lifestyle!

Thank you so much Gee, I am definitely going to continue my new way of thinking forever!